Greater Richmond TICN

What is the GRTICN?

The Greater Richmond TICN was formed in the fall of 2012 and is currently comprised of over 500 members from more than 160 different organizations. The GRTICN aims to build a more equitable, safe, trauma-informed, and resilient community by informing, supporting, and elevating the Greater Richmond (VA) region. GRTICN’s mission is driven by the following priorities: preventing and mitigating the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); advancing trauma-informed practice and policies; and advocating for trauma-informed system change. 

We believe in: 

A Whole-Community Approach: We consider environmental, cultural, and societal factors in order to serve all community members with compassion, humility, and respect.

A Trauma-informed Lens: We cultivate emotional, psychological, and physical safety for all community members through education, advocacy, and support.

Social Justice & Equity: We celebrate difference, acknowledge racism and other forms of systemic and historical oppression, and operate through an equity lens.

Inclusive Membership: We foster diversity and inclusion as we co-create a network that is inviting and safe for everyone and where everyone’s voice can be heard.

Cross-Sector Collaboration: We honor partnerships and collaborations with community members and organizations across all systems and sectors.

Growth & Innovation: We strive to identify and remain adaptive to the needs of the community.

Who leads the GRTICN?

Greater Richmond SCAN leads and convenes network members on a regular basis to implement trauma-informed practices throughout the Greater Richmond area. Lisa Wright, Child Advocacy Center Director, is the SCAN staff member who leads this initiative, with support from Charlotte Eure, Program Impact Specialist with Community Programs.

How do I get involved?

If you’re in the Greater Richmond region and interested in joining the GRTICN, contact Lisa Wright at, and please join one of our upcoming GRTICN Orientations. Click the date and time to register: May 9, 9-10am | July 31, 10-11am | October 26, 4-5pm 

Outside of the Greater Richmond region? If you’re interested in starting your own TICN or learning more about TICNs in your area, please contact Charlotte Eure at

Highlights from the GRTICN

Creating a Shared Language of Resilience

Having a better understanding of trauma can change how we see ourselves and how we interact with one another, with transformational effects that ripple out through the broader community. As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage the cultural shift toward resilience, Greater Richmond SCAN and the Greater Richmond TICN offer free educational trainings and film screenings.

Trauma-Informed Health Systems Collaborative

In 2017, with consultation and guidance from Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) and the Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network (GRTICN), an ongoing collaborative effort began to embed trauma-informed practices into the region’s health systems.

Black History Virtual Library

Explore a Virtual Library created by Trauma-Informed Education Specialist Amy Johnson. Once you open the library, you can click on the books and other pictures throughout the room for readings, videos, a museum tour, and more!

The Richmond Police Department's Road to Resilience

The Richmond Police Department’s Road to Resilience (RPD R2R) Project is a prevention effort that is dedicated to educating and supporting law enforcement officers in Richmond, Virginia. RPD R2R is led by sworn officers, a civilian employee and a community partner from Greater Richmond SCAN.

Resilience Week Virginia is a state-wide collaboration between Virginia’s Trauma-Informed Community Networks (TICNs) to bring resilience-building activities and events to ALL Virginians.

Visit the Resilience Week website for resources, news, events, and more!





Join the Greater Richmond TICN in spreading kindness throughout our communities by practicing 21 acts of kindness during the week of January 24-30, 2021.

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