SCAN’s mission is to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect throughout the Greater Richmond area by protecting children, promoting positive parenting, strengthening families, and creating a community that values and cares for its children.


SCAN’s Core Values

In our work with individuals, families, communities, and systems, as well as with SCAN staff,
we commit to:

 A Whole Person Approach: We consider environmental, cultural, and societal factors to serve the whole person with compassion, humility, and respect.

A Trauma-informed Lens: We cultivate the emotional, psychological, and physical safety of all children, families, and staff through trauma- informed advocacy, education, intervention, and treatment.

A Strengths-based Perspective: We empower clients, staff, and communities by focusing on individual strengths, resources, and resilience from a place of mutual respect, shared power, and humility.

Social Justice & Equity: Our culturally sensitive staff celebrates differences, acknowledges systemic oppression, and engages in social justice work while operating through an equity lens.

Partnerships: We honor partnerships and collaborations with families, individuals, and other organizations as these are essential to providing effective services.

Growth & Innovation: We strive to identify and remain adaptive to the needs of the community while adhering to best practice standards.


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