Our Mission

SCAN’s mission is to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect throughout the Greater Richmond area by protecting children, promoting positive parenting, strengthening families and creating a community that values and cares for its children.

Our History

SCAN was founded in 1991 to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect in the City of Richmond and the surrounding counties of Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Cumberland, Hanover, Henrico, Hopewell, Louisa, New Kent, Petersburg, Powhatan and Prince George.

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Recent News

Meet Alison Rogish

Alison Rogish became involved with SCAN after attending and hosting the Progressive Dinner for a number of years. Her friend Amy Quigley, this year’s Progressive Dinner Chair, introduced her to SCAN’s work. Alison is serving on the Progressive Dinner planning committee this year. She shared her awe at the logistics, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness [more]

Lindsey Stocks CAC Family Advocate

Meet Lindsey Stocks - SCAN's new CAC Family Advocate Lindsey Stocks recently joined the SCAN Child Advocacy Center team as the part-time Family Advocate. She took the role on from Audrey who worked at the CAC first as our intern and then as the Family Advocate. Lindsey received her Master’s Degree from Radford University and has worked as [more]

Patsy Buelow

Patsy Buelow- Richmond CASA and SCAN Board Member While attending SCAN’s Child Advocate’s Breakfast with a former Board Member, Patsy Buelow felt immediately compelled to support SCAN’s work. Soon after the breakfast, Patsy attended the annual Protector’s Circle event where a CASA Volunteer spoke about her experience. At that moment, Patsy simply said “I need to [more]

Trauma Informed Community Network

The Greater Richmond TICN formed in the fall of 2012 with 7 professionals and, through a Collective Impact framework, has grown to over 175 members strong. We are dedicated to supporting and advocating for trauma-informed care for all children, families and professionals in the Greater Richmond Virginia area.  Click here to learn more about the TICN. [more]

SCAN and Resilience

In our region, trauma is an all too common daily experience for children and families. More and more evidence shows that there are pathways through trauma and that family violence can be prevented. For young children, a healthy parent relationship is the best protection against adversity of any sort. SCAN’s Circle of Parents groups, at Anna [more]

SCAN's Informational Videos

Watch SCAN's informational videos covering the work we are doing to prevent and treat child abuse within our 5 [more]

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Stewards of Children Training

To sign up for a Stewards of Children training, please contact Melissa McGinn here.

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