Why One Couple Donates Every Month

Sheri Dickerson and her husband Jeffrey donate to SCAN each month. Sheri and Jeffrey have made annual donations to SCAN for many years, but started making monthly online donations more than a year ago because of the convenience.  Sheri said that they continue to donate because they felt SCAN’s mission to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect was a cause they should support “because our family is blessed in so many ways, and we sometimes take it for granted that everyone has the same love and support that we and our children have always had.”

The Dickersons were introduced to SCAN through board member Josh Dare and former board member Stan Wellman.  Sheri said they were able to learn more by attending fundraising dinners and events for SCAN.  The Dickersons also have neighbors who comprise an important part of SCAN’s volunteer network. In addition, the couple also knows Anne Buzzelli, who provides valuable administrative support to SCAN staff members.

“She has shared stories about the good things SCAN does for those who may not have other resources,” Sheri said.  “It was a combination of all these things that made me look further into SCAN and I was very impressed with everything I read and heard about it.”

I have a soft spot in my heart for children and I know that abuse can be a vicious cycle,” Sheri continued.  “I like that SCAN not only supports children, but gives parents educational tools and resources to teach them how to better deal with parenting challenges and, hopefully, put their children’s needs first.  I like supporting a local charity and I’ve been so impressed with everything SCAN does and how it has grown, especially with the Child Advocacy Center.”


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