Jay VaiksnorasName: Jay Vaiksnoras

Volunteer Since: August 2019

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for CASA?  When I am not volunteering for CASA, I am usually taxiing one of my three children around town. It seems that their activities keep my wife and me pretty busy most of the time. Other than that, I consider myself an avid runner and enjoy races of all distances. I find that running gives me time to clear my head and deal with life’s stresses.

Why do you CASA? I remember hearing the story of one particular foster child and knew that I needed to do more to serve my community. For me, CASA provided the best opportunity to get involved and serve without having a background in social work. I found my first case extremely challenging at first, but after many months I have started gaining their trust. I find it extremely rewarding that I can provide consistency to a child who has been bounced around the system for many years.

Why we think Jay is awesome: Jay has a heart of gold and focuses on people’s strengths as opposed to their challenges. These traits have helped him to quickly build positive, appropriate working relationships with his teen, family and services providers. Jay takes his role as a CASA very seriously and always strives to do his best. We are happy that you are a part of the Richmond CASA family, Jay!

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