Keys to Prevention


  • Remember that children are the future: Their early years have an enormous impact on their future health and success.
  • Recognize prevention is a shared responsibility: As citizens, we are responsible for ensuring that all families have access to the support, information and services they need to succeed.
  • Raise the issue of prevention: We all care about the issue of child abuse, but we must also care about prevention. Ask local officials to support services that help families. Encourage schools and faith communities to sponsor classes/programs for new parents.
  • Reach out to kids and parents: Anything you do to support kids and parents in your family and community helps reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. Be a good neighbor. Donate items to programs for families. Be supportive, particularly to new parents.
  • Recommend programs, services, and activities that your community can use to support families and prevent child abuse: Facilitate opportunities for parents in the neighborhood to build friendships and a support network. Respond to family crises by providing additional support. Link families to essential services such as health care, mental health treatment, job training, and education.

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