Brad McGetrickBrad McGetrick joined the SCAN Board of Directors in 2017 and is serving as the 19-20 Board Vice-Chair. We are thrilled to have Brad’s leadership, generosity and commitment as part of the SCAN Board leadership team this year.

How did you first get involved with SCAN?

I was introduced to SCAN through a former colleague, Birck Turnbull. We talked about SCAN’s mission, and he shared his board experience with me. That led to a meeting with Jeanine, and I was immediately sold on this being an organization that I wanted to be part of and support. I was so impressed with the breadth of services that SCAN offered. The passion that Jeanine has for the mission at SCAN was obvious, and I’ve seen that same passion throughout the organization.

What has your life/work experience been that brought you to SCAN?

As the father of 11-year old twins, a boy and girl, it is hard to think about kids of any age suffering through abuse, trauma, or neglect. All children deserve the opportunity to live in a safe, loving environment. SCAN can help families develop that environment and stop the cycle of abuse and neglect through the Family Support Program.

What inspires you to stay involved with your work at SCAN?

Simply the impact that SCAN makes on the greater Richmond community. Abuse and neglect doesn’t affect just one race, socio-economic status, or age. Through the five main programs at SCAN, we are able to work on the prevention and treatment of abuse. Unfortunately there is still a great need in Richmond on both ends of the spectrum – prevention and treatment – but I don’t think there is another organization better positioned to tackle these issues and make an impact.  

What has been the best experience with SCAN so far?

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to see my colleagues at CoStar get engaged with SCAN. We have over 750 employees here, and I am constantly amazed and grateful for their passion and energy in giving back to the community. We had a lot of fun partnering with Mustaches 4 Kids over the past two years. M4K has been a long-time supporter of SCAN, so we were able to mobilize 23 participants last year to support them in their mission to raise over $325,000 for charities that support children. CoStar employees have also held snack drives, volunteered at Santa Workshop, and made a monetary donation through our “CoStar Builds” philanthropic committee.

Do you have any goals or hopes for the next year with SCAN?

SCAN is fortunate to have a long history of strong support from the community. Those that get involved with and support SCAN tend to do so on a continuous basis. Once supporters learn more about the organization and the work that is being done, it is easy for them to find ways to contribute, whether financially as a member of the Protector’s Circle, volunteering with the Richmond CASA team, or participating in our largest fundraiser, the Progressive Dinner. My hope for next year is continuing to spread the word about SCAN’s mission will build the base of support even further. One of the best ways for folks to be introduced to SCAN is to attend the Child Advocates Breakfast, which is being held on October 4th this year. It is an opportunity to learn more about the programs at SCAN and to pledge financial support. I encourage anyone interested in attending to reach out to any board member for more information.

Are you involved with any other community organizations, hobbies, or activities?

My family and I are active members at St. James’s Episcopal Church, where SCAN’s Circle Preschool Program is located. I am also a member of the LMR Leadership Quest class of 2018.




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