Cathy BosAs a member of SCAN’s Board of Directors for close to 8 years, Cathy Bos has been an essential member to SCAN on many levels within the organization. Cathy continues to play a major role in fundraising events, not only with support for existing events, but continually providing opportunities for new ideas.

Cathy was first introduced to SCAN about 10 years ago as a dinner guest at the annual Progressive Dinner. It was a great first introduction to SCAN and after attending for a few years, Cathy decided to become more involved as an auction committee member. Since that time, Cathy has been an engaged and valuable member of SCAN’s Board of Directors. “The more I have become involved with SCAN, the more I learn about what work is being done throughout the community and the impact it has.” said Cathy.

During her time on the Board she has held positions on a number of different committees and spearheaded such events at Taste, Surf & Snout, and SCAN’s participation in Fire, Flour, & Fork. Always ready with ideas and support for upcoming events, Cathy gained much experience as an original Board Member for Noah’s Children, Central Virginia’s only pediatric palliative care and hospice program. After her work to help start this organization, Cathy held positions as the Development Director and Executive Director.

“I definitely enjoy being a part of the fundraising events for SCAN. It is exciting to help raise the needed funds, all while getting to incorporate a “foodie” event, fun times and great community partners, all for a great cause.” A great way to can learn about SCAN’s mission is to attend an event where you can meet those who are dedicated volunteers and staff members.

Aside from the fundraising and development for SCAN, Cathy is also very engaged within SCAN’s programs. “Seeing how dedicated and committed CASA advocates are is truly awe inspiring.” she said. Board members are encouraged to sit in on a CASA hearing to see firsthand how important the work of CASA truly is for a child. “I also have great appreciation for the work the staff of the Circle Preschool does each day. They work so hard to create a wonderfully healthy place for these children.”

Cathy continues to stay involved in SCAN and is always a wealth of support. “We were able to give our children a healthy start to life, and not all children have that opportunity given to them. It is very meaningful for me to give back.” said Cathy.

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