Currently SCAN’s Family Support Program (FSP) is running nine, 20-week, intensive treatment groups for parents who have experienced, or are at high risk of experiencing child abuse or neglect.

The Family Support Program holds a number of groups with different focuses and components. One FSP group has a “family interaction component” that provides parents with an opportunity to put into practice the skills they are learning in their group, promoting positive behaviors in their children and improving the quality of the parent-child relationship.

FSP will now be offering a day group at The Partnership for Families Northside (PFN). PFN provides a range of services, including childcare, literacy programs, and employment services. This is a location that is familiar and easily accessible, as a large majority of FSP clients commute from the Northside Neighborhoods.

Currently, FSP has 3 specialty groups which include: a group for mothers in Recovery at Mercy House, a group for Spanish-speaking parents, and a modified 20-week group for parents with intellectual disabilities or severe mental health diagnoses. The clients in this modified group have been attending group regularly and making steady and consistent progress; learning new skills around setting limits, the importance of empathy, and understanding their parental role specifically during visitation, as most of them do not have custody of their children.

The Family Support Program recently trained the mothers at Mercy House in Stewards of Children, a national program that teaches adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The mothers at Mercy House stated that the training was professional, relevant, and handled with compassion. Even though this program was emotionally difficult for them due to their own personal histories of abuse, they expressed that they felt it was necessary to talk about this to prevent it from happening to their own children. Many of the mothers were also able to identify the co-relationship between their own sexual abuse history and their substance abuse issues, and felt empowered and motivated to carry this information forward.

“I am thankful of everything I have learned and all the support I have received in this class. It has helped me emotionally through all this in my life. More people should take this class. Again, thank you,” said a parent within the FSP Program.

The Family Support Program targets high-risk populations, employs a variety of intensive treatment interventions, provides a family-focused approach, and works to eliminate barriers to service.

For more information on the Family Support Program, click here.


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