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The job of SCAN’s Volunteer Coordinator is to link our volunteer’s passions with our organizational mission. “People come to us with a unique set of skills and talents and I want them to find a place here at SCAN where they can use those skills and talents to help prevent and treat child abuse and neglect,” said Melissa Brooks.


Volunteers are at the heart of SCAN’s daily operations. SCAN’s volunteers average between 700-1,000 hours of volunteer time per month.

Melissa joined SCAN in June as the Volunteer Coordinator with the goal to continue to leverage volunteer’s gift of time and talents to effectively address the needs of the children and families SCAN serves.

“Volunteers not only help us carry out the day to day functions of SCAN, but also help us run efficiently and increase our adaptability; making our work better resourced with a rich underlying culture of kids first,” said Melissa.

Melissa was introduced to SCAN through Executive Director Jeanine Harper. “Jeanine is laser focused on helping kids and families and she knows how to lead a very capable team of people in doing just that. I’m honored to get to come alongside staff and volunteers alike in this life-giving work,” said Melissa.

Melissa has been in Richmond now for 8 years, and after her and husband Justin had their son, Melissa quickly realized the saying, “It takes a village,” is completely true.

In a recent outreach for much needed snacks for the children involved in SCAN’s programs, Melissa saw firsthand the compassion of those willing to help.

“Within minutes (literally) there were folks reaching out to their small groups, woman’s clubs, Vacation Bible School programs, and book clubs,” said Melissa. “I was in complete awe at the generosity and kindness of strangers who saw this need and said to themselves, “Hey, I can help with that.” One by one, different people, connected only by this one mission, came together to meet the needs of our hundreds of kids. In that moment I knew this is exactly where I want to be.”


For more information on how you can get involved in volunteering for SCAN, click here.


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