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Trauma Informed Brief Screening Tool Committee
Committee members have researched brief screening tool measures, selected the NC Project Broadcast Brief Trauma Screening Tool and are currently collaborating with local DSS agencies to pilot use of this screening tool.
Committee Chair: Lisa Wright


Trauma- Informed Healthcare Committee:
**Newly developed committee**
Committee Co-Chairs: Melissa McGinn & Amy Strite


Trauma-Informed Legal/Courts Committee
Committee is focusing on efforts to enhance trauma-informed efforts within legal and court related agencies in the Greater Richmond area.
Committee Co-Chairs: Kelli Burnett & Lisa Wright


Trauma-Informed Outcomes Committee
Committee members assist in the development of an evaluation plan to measure the collective impact and value of the TICN in our community. Evaluation is focused on the design and implementation of TICN and assessing changes in how individuals, organizations, and/or systems function and interact as a result.
Committee Co-Chairs:Allison Hallberg and Michael Mallet


Trauma-Informed Policy Committee:
**Newly developed committee**
The TICN Policy Committee works to promote trauma-informed and resiliency based legislation and policy on a local, regional and state level. We collaborate with TICNs and other key stakeholders from across the state to accomplish this task.
Committee Co-Chairs: Jeanine Harper & John Richardson-Lauve


Trauma-Informed Schools Committee
Committee members are focused on working within schools and universities to ensure that personnel are prepared to work effectively with students who have experienced trauma. The committee’s work is organized through two work groups: (1) Pre-K-12 work group, which concentrates on training and technical assistance to schools on trauma and on trauma-informed approaches to education, and (2) Universities work group, which is designed to assist faculty and administrators in Schools/Colleges of Education to understand childhood trauma and to include content on trauma in their preparation of future teachers, school counselors, and administrators.
Committee Co-Chairs:Fred Orelove and Meg Sander 


Trauma-Informed Training Committee
Committee members have provided trauma-informed training to local DSS agencies, conducted Focus Group discussions about current trauma-informed practices within these agencies and provide trauma related trainings for community members.
Committee Chair: Melissa McGinn


Trauma-Informed Workforce Development Committee
Committee members have researched trauma-informed programs within universities across the U.S., developed recommendations for one local university’s school social work and are working to improve access to ongoing trauma-focused treatment training to increase access for families to quality mental health services.
Committee Co-Chairs: Abbie Kinnebrew & Lisa Wright



**NEW COMMITTEE COMING SOON – Community Resilience Committee

*For additional information about committee and subcommittee accomplishments, please go to the  Reports section*


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