During the Spring of 2014, SCAN’s Circle Preschool staff along with SCAN Executive Director Jeanine Harper began meeting with Henrico County Newbridge Learning Center staff to discuss the expansion of the Therapeutic Preschool model.

Over the summer, staff from The Circle Preschool observed at the Newbridge Learning Center, consulted regarding potential changes, and provided extensive training for Henrico County Newbridge Learning Center newly hired staff.

To provide assistance developing the first therapeutic preschool model in public schools in this area, Kathy Ryan, Circle Preschool Clinical Coordinator, and Denise Powers, Program Director & Early Childhood Specialist, provided 20 hours of training to Henrico County Newbridge Learning Center staff members. In addition, Henrico County Newbridge Learning Center staff observed the Circle Preschool for 20 hours.

Training, consultation and collaboration with Henrico Public Schools will continue through the 2014-15 school year. This classroom will be in a public school setting, and will include children whose behavior has not responded positively to typical teacher interventions. Circle Preschool staff will continue to consult on a weekly basis.


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