During fiscal year 2014-2015, ending on June 30, SCAN served 1,110 children. Your support, volunteerism, and advocacy have made this possible. SCAN is also fortunate to have a dedicated and highly qualified staff who worked to reach these children and families in our community to create change in the lives of children today and for generations to come. Thank you to everyone who played a role in this important, life-changing work. Some highlights from SCAN’s programs:

The Child Advocacy Center served 620 children and 28 caregivers by improving the investigation, treatment and prosecution of cases of sexual and severe physical child abuse.

The Circle Preschool Program provided high quality education and intensive mental health treatment to 14 children and 20 caregivers who had experienced trauma from abuse, neglect and exposure to domestic violence.

Richmond CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) helped 289 children in the Richmond City Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court find safe, permanent homes.

The Family Support Program provided treatment and education groups to 334 adults and 187 children, many of whom were involved in cases of abuse or neglect or at risk of experiencing abuse or neglect.

The Families Are Magic (FAM) Prevention Program reached 1,333 adults through its public awareness and outreach efforts.


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