Nearly 100 people who work with children at-risk of child abuse or neglect attended the Child Safety Symposium on November 18 in Richmond Public Library –Main Branch.


Participants learned how to observe, respond and report outcries of child abuse or neglect based on their professions and roles in a child’s life.

“The purpose of the Symposium was to pull together what we have to offer from SCAN in terms of expertise so that we could help people who work in direct services with children who we also will likely see at SCAN,” said Child Advocacy Center (CAC) Coordinator Ian Danielsen.

Each participant was awarded a certificate based on three different trainings held during the symposium.


The first training was “Trauma 101,” developed by SCAN last year to increase understanding of trauma’s impact on children. The second training was about mandated reporting, which educates participants about who is required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect and the correct ways to report. SCAN offers both of these workshops throughout the year to professionals working with children.


Finally, Child Safety Symposium participants learned about the purpose and functions of a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT).  Four local MDTs are managed by the CAC, SCAN’s nationally accredited program that serves children who have been physically or sexually abused.  Participants learned how they play roles as community stakeholders in investigations of child abuse and neglect.


“We wanted to help people fulfill their mandated reporter roles while also learning about the MDT protocols of our collaborative investigations,” Ian said.


There were professionals in the audience who represented a variety of child-serving roles: intensive in-home providers, school personnel, medical professionals, mental health providers, and more.  The common thread among participants was that they were each in a position to hear outcries or allegations of child abuse or neglect.


The event was offered at no cost and SCAN hopes to offer the program annually.


Email Lucy Block if you’d like to host a Trauma 101 Training or a Mandated Reporter training at your office, your church or other location:


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