AugustAugust Butler
Volunteer Since October 2015

 What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for CASA? When I am not volunteering for CASA, I am pursuing my PhD in history from William & Mary; my dissertation is about African American orphanages in Virginia, 1870-1930.  I also do improv comedy at the Coalition Theater in Richmond!

Why do you CASA? I do CASA because it is a feasible way for me to help people caught in a bad system and develop relationships with people in my community that I might not otherwise meet.  I treasure the memory of being invited to the first birthday party of “my” twins and getting to be, just for a day, part of that family.  (Those twins, incidentally, went home to their mother and new brother just before Christmas–another CASA memory that keeps me going.)

Why we think August is awesome: There are no words to adequately describe August. When it comes to being an advocate for children, they go above and beyond on a regular basis. August connects with their families in a way that is both encouraging and trustworthy but also objective and within the bounds of our role. They portray a dedication and responsibility that is truly admirable, and is always a pleasure to interact with! Besides consistently submitting VOCA and court reports on time, it is always clear that August knows what is going on with their family at all times. We are so grateful to have August on board!


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