Here are a few ways you can spread our reach and the word so that others can join in fostering community resilience. Remember to share the Resilience Week Site on your social media to start the day so others can visit the virtual events!


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Community Spotlight Videos (Listen & Share):

Caroline County Trauma-Informed Community Network 

One of the things that makes the Caroline County community resilient is the landmark Loving interracial marriage case, which displayed the community’s ability to overcome all odds. Learn more about the work of the Caroline County Resilience Community Network.

Greater Charlottesville Trauma-Informed Community Network 

Greater Charlottesville Trauma-Informed Community Network says their community is the strongest when they are together! Click on the video to learn more about their network and visit this link to view upcoming events.

Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network 

Greater Richmond TICN welcomes you to the 2021 Resilience Week. “One of the things that makes our communities resilient are the options for virtual connections across the area!” says the network. Connect with them by visiting their page and join virtual events.

Hampton Roads Trauma-Informed Community Network 

The Hampton Roads TICN is a network of individuals working across sector to create more resilient and equitable outcomes across communities. Learn more about the cross-sectional work of the Hampton Roads TICN here and join their network.

Winchester Area Trauma-Informed Community Network 

“A community that adapts to change is resilient…but resilience is the ability to bounce back!” says the Winchester Area TICN. Learn more about this network and how you can connect.

Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network 

“Even through these challenges of adversity, we are building a stronger community, one with resilience,” says the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network. Learn more about their network and click this link to join.


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Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Blogs (Read & Share):




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