Greater Richmond SCAN has created themed Resilience Week flyers you can share throughout your networks. See links below to digitally share, print, and post in your communities!

Flyers with GRTICN logo 

Coast | Dogwood | Field | Forest | Mountains | Richmond

Flyers with statewide VA TICNs logo

Coast | Dogwood | Field | Forest | Mountains | Richmond 


SCAN has also created an infographic with themes for each day of the week to help guide participation. Each day has its own two-page handout with ideas for 50 ways to celebrate – linked to below!

Infographic PDFs

With Hyperlinks (Best for Sharing Digitally) | Without Hyperlinks (Best for Printing)


20 Ways to Build Resilience At Home 

For grown-ups | For kids 

Print & Color a Resilience Week Picture, place in your window, and share with your community that Resilience Week is getting started! Choose from any/all of these options here! 


50 Ways to Celebrate Handouts

*Please note that these handouts were made prior to COVID-19 precautions. Continue to follow local health guidelines to keep yourself and others safe during this time!* 

Sanctuary Sunday | Mindful Monday | Trauma-Informed Tuesday | Whimsical Wednesday | Tranquility Thursday | Friendly Friday | Self-Care Saturday

You are also encouraged to adapt and envision your own ideas for celebrating the week. Resilience-building looks different depending on your individual, community, and organizational needs, so do what works best for you! 


Additional Resource Handouts 

Wingspan’s Evidence-based Resources to Foster Children’s Resilience | Video on Wingspan’s Resources | Additional Resources Video 


Recursos en Español 

20 Formas de Crear Resiliencia en el Hogar 

Para adultos | Para niños


50 Maneras Para Practicar

El Domingo de Santuario | El Lunes Consciente | Martes: Infórmate de Trauma | El Miércoles Caprichoso | El Jueves de Tranquilidad | Viernes de Amistad | Sábado: El Cuidado Personal


Juego del Movimiento ABC

Juego del Movimiento ABC


Cuentos en español, con Claudia del Centro Sagrado Corazón!


**Por favor regresa por recursos y materiales adicionales sobre resiliencia en español.** 


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