Noah joined SCAN as the new Operations Coordinator in January 2019. His enthusiasm, intelligence, work ethic, and willingness to jump in have already made an impact on SCAN. We are excited to have him as part of the SCAN team!

Noah NewsletterHow did you first get involved with SCAN?

I first became involved with SCAN through Melissa Brooks, SCAN’s Volunteer Coordinator. As a recent college graduate,

I was looking for a job and knew I wanted to do something that would impact the lives of others.

What has your life/work experience been that brought you to SCAN? What is your current role?

My mom was a social worker and exposed me to volunteering throughout my childhood. I have volunteered at an incredible organization, Anna Julia Cooper School, for many years. These experiences helped me know I wanted to be part of something to make the world better.

I am currently serving as SCAN’s Operations Coordinator, a position that allows me to do a little bit of everything.

What inspires you to stay involved with your work at SCAN?

In my role specifically, I enjoy making other people’s lives and jobs easier. I know that I can help people do what they need to do to help children and families.

Is there anything you wish other people knew about SCAN?

That there are incredible, talented, kindhearted, gifted people working at SCAN. They create a culture that lets people be themselves, thrive and do amazing work.

What has been the best experience with SCAN so far?

In the few months I’ve been with SCAN, it’s been great to get to go to lots of meetings. Even if I’m there as support, it’s incredible to hear about all the cool work going on in committees and the community. I’ve learned a lot from helping with focus groups, assisting the trauma-informed schools committee, and being engaged with the TICN. It’s broadened my horizons and sparked an interest in me.

Do you have any goals or hopes for the next year with SCAN?

That I can continue to learn and gain more exposure to the work going on within SCAN and the community.

Are you involved with any other community organizations, hobbies, or activities?

I read a lot! I also enjoy being physically active through activities like basketball and snowboarding.

What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve lived in nine states throughout my life.


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