Yale CFTSI Training PicturesFive SCAN staff that work within the Trauma Focused Treatment program at the Child Advocacy Center attended a 2-day training with the Yale Child Study Center in July. This training was the beginning of the implementation of the Child and Family Traumatic Stress (CFTSI) Model at the CAC. The next steps for this training are for each therapist to complete implementation of CFTSI with three cases and participate in a 6-month learning collaborative with bi-weekly consultation calls with Yale Faculty. 

The implementation of CFTSI addresses the mental health needs of children traumatized by abuse by expanding SCAN’s mental health treatment capacity and creating a learning cohort that will train on and implement the CFTSI model, an evidence-based, early intervention that reduces early post-traumatic stress symptoms, decreases the likelihood of traumatized children developing long-term post-traumatic stress, and increases the early identification of children who need longer-term mental health care.

CFTSI also addresses the fact that we know a supportive caregiver is a primary protective factor for children exposed to trauma. By working with both the child and caregiver, increasing communication between the child and caregiver, and providing specific behavioral skills that are taught to both the caregiver and child to cope with symptoms, we can address risk factors and promote healing. We look forward to joining CACs around the country in implementing this model. Funding was provided by National Children’s Alliance.

To learn more about CFTSI go to THIS LINK.  We are very excited to offer this treatment modality to caregivers and children at the CAC.

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