new mia picMia is our new Therapeutic Aide for The Circle Preschool. She was born and raised in Chesterfield & attended James River High School. She went on to graduate from Virginia Tech, just like her legacy parents, with her Bachelors of Psychology. While studying at Tech Mia worked in the Child Study Center, where she did therapy with children and caregivers, for over a year. After graduating Mia began working at Richmond Behavioral Health Authority in the crisis center with adults. There Mia said she learned even more about the ways in which early childhood trauma affects outcomes related to substance use and mental illness in adults.  Mia wanted to get involved with SCAN because she wanted to learn more about trauma in children and early intervention.

Mia defines her role at SCAN as helping children with regulation and helping in the classroom, as well as working on administrative tasks. When asked why the work at SCAN is important to her Mia responded, “Children are our future. If we don’t help now it leads to issues in adulthood. Children don’t deserve to grow up with baggage”. Mia explains that seeing the children begin to build a trusting relationship with her is extremely rewarding, and that it makes her feel hopeful. Mia wishes that more people talked about the work that SCAN does, even though the topic can be heavy, because it is the only way to build resiliency in our community and to find new ways to offer support.


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