Alison Rogish became involved with SCAN after attending and hosting the Progressive Dinner for a number of years. Her friend Amy Quigley, this year’s Progressive Dinner Chair, introduced her to SCAN’s work. Alison is serving on the Progressive Dinner planning committee this year. She shared her awe at the logistics, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness that goes into making this event a success. It is amazing to see the Richmond Community come together to raise almost $200,000 for SCAN in one night!

Alison also learned about SCAN through past Board member and Deloitte colleague, Brad Welles. Alison serves as a Managing Director at Deloitte. Alison is from Upstate New York, but she and her family have lived in Richmond since 2004. Alison stays busy with her 3 children (2 boys and a girl), who are all very involved in community sports. Alison coaches her 5 and a half-year-old daughter’s soccer team and is learning guitar with her middle son. A fun fact about Alison is that she recently served as an extra for the TV series Homeland. Look for her on the upcoming season, which filmed here in Richmond!

Alison was drawn to SCAN by the important work and the exponential impact that the organization has on our community by reaching children early. She shared a belief that anything good in life comes through children. It is important to invest in the education and emotional and physical well-being of children in order to set these children and society as a whole up for success. Alison believes in the importance of local nonprofits and served on the YWCA Board for 6 years. Alison shared that she was deeply moved by the emotional testimony of three Richmond CASA volunteers at the SCAN Breakfast this past fall. Stories of SCAN’s work and the families involved in our programs gets to the heart of why this work is so impactful.


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