Mark M Deutsch_Linkedin_Headshot (2)Mark Deutsch first learned about SCAN’s work through his involvement in the Western Henrico Rotary. Years later, he became re-engaged through former SCAN Board member, Tiffany Lange.

He brings a strong passion for the wellbeing of children to his work as a SCAN Board member, currently as the
President and CEO of the largest pediatric medical practice in Central Virginia.

“Children are the most vulnerable among us. They rely on adults for nurturing, caring, guidance, and love (to name a few). When children face challenges that are difficult to fathom for most of us (I know they are for me), SCAN is there to support them and to help their parents become the best parents they can be. I view effectively raising children to be of utmost importance to society — from a spiritual, economic, and a security perspective — and I believe SCAN serves an integral role in that critical function.”

Mark also shared that his faith has lead him to firmly believe in the law of cause and effect. He admires
SCAN’s ability to act, instead of just talking. Mark says being able to hear the stories of those who have
been impacted by SCAN, both those who receive services and those who deliver services, has been the
best experience of his board membership thus far. He’s enjoyed getting to know SCAN staff, who he
believes put their heart and soul into everything they do to serve the children of RVA.

Mark is a Florida native, who moved to the Richmond area in 1993. He lives here with his wife of over 20 years, Henly, and his two wonderful boys, Jack (16) and Davis (13). He is also a first generation American as his parents emigrated from Germany after WWII. In addition to his service to SCAN, Mark serves his community through his involvement in Rotary, Soka Gakki, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. SCAN is excited to have him as a new Board of Directors member this year and Mark is looking forward to continuing to learn more about the many facets of the organization.


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