Kristen ReadKristen Read recently joined SCAN’s development team to raise funds and awareness as the Development Associate. Kristen has long been helping SCAN accomplish this as a volunteer.


Kristen joined the Board of Young Professionals in 2011. She has helped plan and attend many of SCAN’s events including the annual events Bourbon Street at the Tuckahoe and Santa Shop.


“I have learned so much about how SCAN breaks the cycle of harm for children and I am looking forward to helping others on the outside understand and appreciate SCAN’s work just as I have,” Kristen said.


Kristen is originally from Richmond and received her undergraduate degree in business from Longwood University.


“I’ve always loved Richmond and the city,” Kristen said. “My family and friends are all here. This is my home.”


Kristen previously worked for ExecuStay as a sales coordinator. ExecuStay has been a sponsor for SCAN’s events and hosted a toy drive for Santa Shop.


“I am excited to get involved with the great community SCAN works with to accomplish its mission including the volunteers who help make special events happen,” Kristen said.


Kristen said she looks forward to digging in deeper to events she has helped with before and getting involved with events she hasn’t helped with including the Child Advocates Breakfast (September 19th) and Franco’s Fashion Night Out (October 9th) happening this fall.


“I am looking forward to working with the BYP from the staff side,” Kristen said. “I hope I can bring more to their experience and help them get more deeply engaged in the work they do for SCAN.”


SCAN recently welcomed nine new members to the Board of Young Professionals, which now has 27 members.

Learn more about the Board of Young Professionals here.


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