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Kari Hyman was recently awarded the Marcy Handshaw Award for her service and dedication to SCAN. This award was created in honor of an amazing SCAN Board member, Marcy Handshaw, that passed away suddenly in 2006 and is given to a current SCAN Board member each year in her honor. As a longtime Board member and supporter, Kari has been an incredible support to SCAN over the past ten years. We are so thankful for her leadership, advocacy and ability to make people feel welcome at SCAN

How did you first get involved with SCAN?
I was first introduced to SCAN through Leadership Metro Richmond. I was a member of the 2009 class and our group focused on SCAN’s therapeutic Circle Preschool Program, which later opened in 2011. Our group provided research around the need for this type of preschool in the Richmond area. Through this project I met Jeanine and saw her passion for SCAN’s work. I also saw how organized and well-run SCAN is. All of this made me want to learn more and get involved.

What inspires you to stay involved with your work at SCAN?
I’m inspired by how passionate all of SCAN’s staff is and how well run the organization and programs are. SCAN is a well-oiled machine that is at the forefront of research and nonprofit work and continues to grow to meet the needs of the community. I also recognize that a need for organizations like SCAN still exists in our city and the need to focus on both treatment and prevention is important.

What has been the best experience with SCAN so far?
There have been so many good things that have happened since I’ve become involved with SCAN. I’ve enjoyed getting friends, colleagues and families involved and exposing them to SCAN’s mission through different avenues. I enjoy finding the best entry point for each person to get involved including snack drives, SCAN’s Child Advocates Breakfast, Child Advocacy Center tours, and the Progressive Dinner. There are a diversity of ways for everyone to engage.
My introduction to SCAN, through our LMR project that helped launch the Circle Preschool Program in 2011, was also amazing. It was a unique experience to be part of that process as a volunteer. It’s also been fascinating to see the program grow over the past 10 years.

What are any challenges you have faced in your work with SCAN?
SCAN’s mission is a hard topic for some people to discuss and learn about for numerous reasons. It can also be hard to showcase the work as much of it happens confidentially with families and children. This can be a challenge in getting people involved and engaged.

Do you have any goals or hopes for the next year with SCAN?
I’d like to continue to work to get new and different people to learn about SCAN. SCAN staff does a great job of letting the Board and others know of needs within the organization and I look forward to continuing to connect people and find the right fit for each person to get involved.

Are you involved with any other community organizations, hobbies, or activities?
I am a sustainer in the Junior League of Richmond. I also serve as the Parents Council President at St. Stephen’s Preschool. I enjoy playing tennis and more recently playing pickleball and squash. I also enjoy spending time with my children and traveling.

What might someone be surprised to learn about you?
I love to get my hands dirty, do home renovations and use power tools. (Kari had just finished knocking down a chimney before this interview!)


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