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SCAN relies on the support of its many volunteers to fulfill its vital mission each day. This includes the Board of Directors, which is comprised of approximately 30 community members who help guide the vision, finances, legal decisions and more for SCAN.


Birck Turnbull is one of these essential volunteers. Birck became a board member in 2011. Within a short time, Birck’s positive energy, strategic mindset and belief in SCAN’s mission has made him a leader on the Board.  As of July 1, Birck will become the Board of Directors Chair.


Birck is a Senior Vice President at Thalhimer.  He first became involved with SCAN through his real estate dealing with Richmond CASA. Richmond CASA’s 103 East Grace Street building became SCAN’s main office after the organizations merged in 2009.


Birck became an advocate for SCAN throughout the merger. As he grew to know and understand SCAN’s programs and mission better, he decided to join the board. In 2011, he said his goal as a board member would be to “create more opportunities for SCAN,” which he has already done in a number of ways. For example, Birck helped launch and sustain SCAN’s newest annual event, the Board of Directors Breakfast. The event raises important funds and awareness for SCAN’s work.


“I want to help people recognize that this (preventing child abuse)  is a critical need in the city,” Birck said. “I know it can be hard for some people to imagine that this can happen to children. You have to face and accept the reality of a very ugly side of our community. SCAN is one of only a handful of organizations that is prepared to deal with the problem.”


Today, Birck said he is happy to participate in a leadership role, “because it’s all about rallying participation and support from other board members and making sure everybody is doing what they can to support SCAN’s mission.”


Birck said he thinks the coming year could be a breakthrough year for SCAN and its ability to raise awareness about the issue. Problems at the Department of Social Services resulting in the recruitment of SCAN’s Executive Director Jeanine Harper have put a public spotlight on the problem of child abuse.


“This could be a key year to bring new attention to child abuse in general,” Birck said.  “I think SCAN could benefit from the dynamic of Jeanine working part time with the City. An active involved board is more important than ever,” he said.


AS SCAN begins its new fiscal year on July 1, we are fortunate to have Birck as a leader to help guide our staff, volunteers and partners.




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