lynne edwardsC. Lynne Edwards, LCSW, joined SCAN this April as a Community Consultant for the Families Are Magic (FAM) Prevention Program. She brings more than four decades of experience in child welfare to SCAN.

Lynne provides leadership for the FAM Network helping to grow its membership and increase its impact.  Lynne said that based on feedback from her first FAM Network meeting, she plans to strengthen the networking function of the group. She will help FAM Network members use each other for resources more efficiently and more frequently by redesigning the website to make information more accessible. She also plans to collaborate with more community partners that are already engaged in general primary prevention efforts such as libraries, parent education organizations and others others to increase the impact of FAM.


Lynne will also directly with members of the FAM Network to integrate the use of protective factors and trauma-informed research into their programs, practices, policies and procedures. She will consult with three to five organizations each year to help them identify their strengths in these areas and to build on those to enhance their programs.


 “This is a really complex issue and it really does take the support of the whole community to integrate protective factors and trauma- informed practices into an organization and also, a strong commitment to helping both families and children heal,” Lynne said.


Lynne has been working during the past few years on this exact issue. She met Executive Director Jeanine Harper a year and half ago when they served on the statewide Prevention Advisory Committee. The committee was working to develop guidelines for local Departments of Social Services using a trauma-informed model and incorporating protective factors in that model.


“While working with Jeanine on that committee, I got to know the work of SCAN and saw her passion for helping families,” Lynne said.


Out of the committee, Jeanine and Lynne decided they wanted to continue the work and, along with other community based organizations, they helped launch the Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN).  Lynne’s trauma-informed work reaches beyond SCAN and the TIC network through her clinical work with adoptive families whose children have experienced trauma and her ongoing work as a consultant and trainer. 


“My passion for prevention comes from adoption,” Lynne said. “Many people believe that if we just placed children in safe and good families, it would be enough, but it isn’t.  I’ve seen first-hand the long-term impact of trauma and know that it takes a special way of understanding, a certain set of skills to help children heal, and a lifetime of support for children begin to feel safe and permanent.”


Although adoption can, indeed, begin to help troubled children heal from their past experiences, it isn’t the solution to abuse and neglect.   The only way to stop children from being harmed is to stop them from ever being hurt by providing education and guidance to their families as early as possible. By working at SCAN, I can continue to try to make an impact in the prevention arena through the FAM Network.”


SCAN is fortunate to have Lynne join its staff to help strengthen what SCAN can do to prevent children from being hurt. 


Lynne also provides other trainings, consulting and therapy outside of her work at SCAN. If anyone is interested in learning more about Lynne or the FAM Network email Lynne:


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