Executive Director Jeanine Harper has agreed to work as an executive-on-loan to the Richmond Department of Social Services (DSS) for six months.


Jeanine has agreed to specifically help Richmond DSS “retool the City’s Child Protective Services unit.” 


The Mayor stated, “We’ve simply got to do a better job with respect to protecting the safety of vulnerable children and I want to thank the board of SCAN for allowing Ms. Harper the opportunity to bring us her expertise.”


 “While matters of compliance have been heavily reviewed, serious operational concerns plague this agency and I believe that her leadership will go a long way toward strengthening the division’s operations,” Mayor Jones said.


Jeanine will continue her current role at SCAN but in a reduced capacity for the next six months. 


Mayor Jones named his senior policy advisor, David Hicks, as interim director of DSS in February. Jeanine will serve as special assistant to the director and will augment the support being provided by the Virginia DSS.


“Jeanine’s passion and expertise are a welcomed addition as we work to rebuild this essential component of our agency,” Hicks said. “Coupled with the support we have been receiving from the Commonwealth, I’m optimistic that we will meet the Mayor’s goals for turning around this critical agency.”


Please contact Jeanine at jharperscan@aol.com if you have any questions.



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