Current Richmond CASA Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heart of our program.
Without CASA volunteers, abused and neglected children from all over the City of Richmond would be without a voice, an advocate, a friend who truly cares about what happens to them.

Thanks to our CASA volunteers, there is help and understanding for children who are scared and hurt, both physically and emotionally.

Because of you, these children have hope.

Thank you.

CASA Library

We have a small library of books to read that are insightful, interesting and educational. CASA Volunteers can earn up to 3 hours of In-Service Training for reading these books and writing a short summary. You can check the book out of our library and return it when you have finished with it. We welcome suggestions and donations of good books you may have read. (You can earn a maximum of 3 hours per year through book reports.)

Independent Study

A few websites are available to CASA volunteers for independent study. You may earn up to a total of 3 hours for web-based independent study. Please call Heather Farber 804-646-5180 with any questions before you start.

The National CASA website has on-line training for volunteers. You can earn up to 2 hours of In-Service Training by listening to a combination of short podcasts. Go to the webpage (below) to listen to the current podcast and click on the link for the archived postings. Most are 12 to 20 minutes and you can listen to up to 2 hours worth. Please note the topics and length and send an e-mail to Heather Farber with up to 120 minutes (2 hours) of what you listened to. Choose one of the podcasts, and complete the “Continuing Education Credit Form,” and include that in your e-mail to Heather Farber. She will confirm when she has received your e-mail.

The Richland County, South Carolina CASA has recorded some of their gatherings for independent study.  Please take a look at their website (below).  If you would like to view one or more of their videos for credit please find those that are relevant to you, send Heather Farber the information about what you watched, and a brief synopsis for credit.  You will earn credit equal to the length of the video(s) up to 2 hours.

National CASA also has two online learning experiences created for volunteers looking to learn more about 1) Educational Advocacy for School-aged Youth and 2) Working with Adolescent and/or Aging Out Youth. Each “chapter” takes 2 – 4 hours to complete.  This requires a special “invitation only” type of sign-up so if you are interested in this opportunity please contact Heather Farber and she will send you the “invitation”. You will earn 3 hours for the completion of one of these courses.

For more information on In-Service Training requirements contact
Heather Farber  or 804-646-5180

To reach CASA Case Managers and Program Director, access the staff list here.


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