Christine Krawczel serves as SCAN’s Development Assistant. Her job takes her to all corners of SCAN’s programs each day.

“I am involved in all the different aspects of the mission,” she said.  “I have learned so much about the different things the organization does and how my role supports all of those things and makes them possible.”

Christine began working for SCAN in January 2012. Christine handles the finance, operations, special events, and grant reporting at SCAN. She has a master’s degree in public administration from VCU. While a student at VCU, she became familiar with SCAN’s programs because many of her classmates were interns or volunteers at SCAN.

“I had always heard great things from their experiences,” she said.

Christine said she learned quickly after receiving her undergraduate degree in political science and legal studies from Virginia Tech that she would work for a nonprofit. She spent time working for different nonprofit organizations, including a school in Switzerland and different arts and education-based organizations.

SCAN’s mission in particular is important to Christine. Growing up, her mom was a case manager for a domestic violence shelter.

“I was most excited to first be involved with such a great cause,” Christine said after she began working for SCAN. “Secondly, I was excited to put my academic studies and experiences into practice.”

“Christine has dived right into doing the things behind the scenes that makes everybody’s work possible at SCAN,” Jeanine said. “She brings a lot of energy and capability to SCAN. Everything she does helps SCAN carry out our work.”



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