Shaun Aigner-LeeName: Shaun Aigner-Lee

Volunteer Since: February 2018

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for CASA? When I’m not volunteering for CASA, I’m usually working (I’m a photographer), planning the next adventure with my family, or training for some crazy sport! This summer I’ll be going to Portugal with my daughter where we plan to go snorkeling, canyoning, and swimming at the base of lots of waterfalls! Once we’re home from that trip, I will start training for my second triathalon.

Why do you CASA? I decided to become a CASA because I had a traumatic childhood and I know how hard and scary it can be to go through the court system as a young person. Thankfully I had a good support system, so I know first-hand how important that is. A couple of years ago, I was volunteering intermittently and I decided I wanted to do something more – something that would make a real difference; with CASA, I know I am doing that. It feels good to be a part of something that means so much.

Why we think Shaun is awesome: Shaun is currently working her second case which is very different from her first and somewhat outside of her comfort zone, but she is working hard and doing a great job. She is great at building professional working relationships with everyone on her case from the child to the professionals. Shaun is such a joy to work with and brings a warm, positive energy to the Richmond CASA family!

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