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As summertime approaches and most schools will be out for the summer, SCAN’s Circle Preschool will be open to serve children everyday. We ask you to consider helping fund two scholarships this summer to support children being served by SCAN’s Circle Preschool Program.

The total cost for one child for one year is $15,000. Your support will help supplement the cost for two scholarships with SCAN’s Campaign for Children to raise $30,000.


You will help provide the following:

  • High quality early childhood education and intensive mental health treatment.
  • Transportation to clients who need help getting to the program each day and for weekly caregiver meetings.
  • Training to staff members and volunteers to ensure they are using the latest best practices to provide early childhood education and mental health treatment to children.
  • Educational supplies for children in the classroom.
  • Meals and snacks to children that are nutritious and a valuable part of their development and health.
  • Specialized equipment and occupational therapy to children for their specific needs.

Financial support from individuals, like you, will strengthen and enable SCAN’s work with the Circle Preschool to continue. Without SCAN, the renewed hope for possibilities would not be there for so many children in our community.

We hope that we can count on your support.

  • Click here to make an online donation to the Campaign for Children
  • Mail a Check to:
    103 East Grace Street
    Richmond, VA 23219
  • Call the SCAN office to provide credit card information: Kristen Read (804) 257-7226 x106



Did you know, trauma related to abuse, neglect, or exposure to domestic violence is often the cause of significant social and emotional difficulties of preschool age children in the classroom?


Preschool expulsion rates have been on the rise—nationally and locally—because of an increase in the numbers of children who are having difficulty expressing their emotions and engaging with their peers.

Research shows that trauma can undermine children’s ability to learn, form relationships, and function appropriately in the classroom.

According to published research, children who have suffered three or more traumatic experiences are:

  •    Two-and-half times more likely to repeat a grade than are children who have experienced none
  •    Five times more likely to have severe attendance issues
  •    Six times more likely to experience behavioral problems
  •    More than twice as likely to be suspended from school!how-trauma-impacts-learning/c1sk

Each day, SCAN’s Circle Preschool serves children who are at-risk or have already been expelled from preschool. The CPP provides high quality early childhood education and intensive mental health treatment to children who have experienced trauma, and works to integrate these children into mainstream classroom settings so that they are able to be successful in school.


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