Matt Curtin works for Impact Makers, a consulting firm that donates 100% of its profits to charity.

 “We do well for ourselves while doing good,” said Matt about Impact Makers. “Joining the Board of Young Professionals (BYP) at SCAN is a natural extension of what I do all day every day.”

Matt joined SCAN’s BYP in July 2013. Since he has joined, Matt has gotten involved in a number of important activities that the group does to support SCAN, especially Bourbon Street. The annual Mardi Gras event will be held on March 1. Matt has successfully invited a number of corporate partners to make the event a success. Bourbon Street raises valuable funds and awareness to support SCAN’s mission.

“You really can have a good time while supporting such wonderful work,” Matt said.  “It’s sort of a world view that I hold and understand my fellow board members to have.”

When Matt joined the BYP,  he said the BYP members and staff were gracious with their time to educate him about SCAN’s programs and the volunteer projects of the BYP. He said he felt welcomed and inspired the second he walked in.

“I thought, if other board members are really busy and find the time to do this work, then I could do that, too,” Matt said. “It is humbling to work around people who take this so seriously.”


As he learned about SCAN’s work during the volunteer training process, Matt said that taking the Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training was one of the most moving experiences of his life.


“I was unaware of the depth and breadth that this is happening every day,” Matt said. “I didn’t realize how many ways a child could be hurt and how many socio-economic walls child sexual abuse breaks down. There truly aren’t barriers to who can become victims of child abuse.”


Matt said he looks forward to continuing to make a difference with SCAN and SCAN is fortunate to have such an energetic and enthusiastic member on our team!


Learn more about SCAN’s Board of Young Professionals.


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