Wilson - 2015 Photo v1 copyWilson Flohr, current Vice-Chair of SCAN’s Board of Young Professionals (BYP), continues his third year on the BYP with ongoing support of SCAN’s mission.

“As a member of the BYP, I hope to engage more young professionals within the community to become involved with non-profit organizations,” Wilson said. “I enjoy introducing my peers to SCAN, while showing them that their support helps SCAN do so much within the community.”

During his time on the BYP, Wilson has been actively involved in many of SCAN’s fundraising events and volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s chairing the auction for the BYP Annual Fundraiser, or showing support during a volunteer opportunity, Wilson always brings a high level of dedication and support to SCAN.

“I think it’s so important to give children a voice, and SCAN’s five programs are able to do that,” Wilson said. “There are many ways to help support SCAN, whether it’s fundraising, volunteering your time, or raising awareness.”

Wilson says the annual Child Advocates Breakfast has been one of the most impactful experiences during his time with SCAN. The breakfast brings together community members to learn more about SCAN with a focus on one of SCAN’s five programs.

“You get to hear from someone who has directly benefited from SCAN’s programs. It is tremendously impactful,” said Wilson.

“I have enjoyed being able to work closely with the staff at SCAN, and those running the programs and working with the families and children,” said Wilson. “I have also enjoyed having the opportunity meet and work with other SCAN supporters.”

Wilson is a graduate of University of the South in Sewanee TN, and was born and raised here in Richmond. He is a Commercial Real Estate Broker for Porter Realty, and welcomed a baby boy with his wife Katherine in May.


Click here for more information on SCAN’s Board of Young Professionals.



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