John Turner joined SCAN’s Board of Directors in July 2012. He first became interested in SCAN’s work last fall.

Former Board member Josh Dare invited him to the annual Board of Directors Breakfast. At the event, John heard from SCAN volunteers, clients and staff members. Through his colleagues at Bon Secours, he also learned more about SCAN’s work. With many years of volunteer experience mentoring and tutoring underprivileged children, SCAN’s mission became important to him.

“SCAN’s work touches on all aspects of child abuse from educating the parents to dealing with the worst cases of child abuse to improve their lives to eliminate that pain as much as possible,” John said.  “I have four kids who are ages 20 to 27. I am fortunate that I have been able to give them a good upbringing. I wanted to do more to help families in need.”

John is looking forward to sharing information about SCAN’s work to the community, particularly at Bon Secours, where he is Vice President of Orthopedics in Virginia. He manages the development of programs in each hospital and works closely with physicians. Bon Secours has more than 7, 000 employees and he looks forward to empowering them with information to make a difference, especially those in pediatrics.

“Providing information to the community about SCAN regarding the services they provide that can make a difference in everyone’s life and help stop child abuse is important,” John said. “With the impact that SCAN has on many lives I want to let others know how they can make a bigger difference by participating, donating, spreading the word and more.” 

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