Frank Keller 2Frank Keller was first introduced to SCAN through HandsOn Day Richmond, a day of over a thousand volunteers across the metro region giving their time to local non-profits. As Vice President of Finance and Accounting for UPS Freight, Frank helped lead UPS volunteers during a day of volunteering for SCAN.

Throughout his career, which has involved relocating to difference cities, Frank has always found an organization that helps children and families within the community.

“We need to be the voice of the child, to advocate for the child,” said Frank. “As well as supporting the family to help stop the cycle.” Frank joined SCAN’s Board of Directors in 2015 and has since brought numerous volunteers opportunities and support from UPS.

Frank says that the best part of his involvement with SCAN has been the overall satisfaction of helping kids in our community. When asking UPS employees to volunteer for SCAN, Frank says, “There is always an overwhelming response to help. Everyone wants to help kids.”

UPS has helped SCAN over the last few years with projects ranging from basement clean up and organization to transportation of Santa Shop gifts.

As Frank heads into his second year on the Board of Directors, he looks forward to playing a more integral role within SCAN.

“I hope to continue to bring resources to SCAN that UPS can offer through volunteering and financial contributions,” said Frank. “I think SCAN’s work is so important because it specifically helps children, and gives them so much hope for their future. There has to be a place for children to go to get help. We can really make a difference in their lives.”


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