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Support Greater Richmond SCAN during the Dominion Energy Charity Classic Birdies for Charity program!



The Dominion Energy Charity Classic Birdies for Charity program enables Richmond-area charities to use the Dominion Energy Charity Classic tournament as a fundraising platform.

The program gives SCAN an opportunity to generate contributions through flat donations or based on the number of “birdies” made by PGA TOUR Champions players during the tournament.


  • “Par” is the normal expected score on any given hole on the golf course.
  • A “birdie” is a score of one stroke better than “par” for any golf hole. For example, on a par-4 hole, a score of 3 is a birdie.

There are two types of pledges:

  • A per-birdie amount for every birdie made by the PGA TOUR Champions professionals during the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, with an option to cap at a certain amount
  • A one-time flat donation, with a minimum flat donation of $25.


  • Visit
  • Select ‘one-time fixed donation’ OR ‘score-based donation’ (per birdie)
  • Choose Greater Richmond SCAN from the drop-down list of participating charities. *Should already be chosen for you!
  • Fill out the billing information form. One-time flat donations will be processed immediately, and per-birdie donations will be processed after the tournament when the number of birdies made during competition rounds is determined.
  • A confirmation email will be sent and will serve as a receipt for tax-deduction purposes.
  • Donations also can be made by check. Checks must be made out to PGA TOUR Charities Inc., with the specific charity listed in the memo line.
    • Please mail checks to:
      PGA TOUR Charities Inc.
      O. Box 1065
      Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004
      Attn: DECC Birdies for Charity

*Note: Score-based donations can only be made using a credit card. One-time, fixed donations can be made using a credit card or check.

Participating charities receive all donations collected on their behalf, minus any credit card fees.

**In addition, the PGA TOUR will donate an additional 10 percent to participating charities on donations made through Birdies for Charity, so SCAN will receive an additional 10 percent of total pledges!


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