betsy-harris-scan-photoBetsy Harris, head of Client Services at Richmond Capital Management, joins SCAN as a new member of the Board of Directors this year. She first heard about SCAN when Executive Director Jeanine Harper came to her office to speak about the work SCAN is doing in our community. “Jeanine tells such a great story of what SCAN does, and how they work to coordinate the needs of children in our community. You could tell immediately SCAN is really making a difference,” said Betsy.

As Betsy begins her first year on SCAN’s Board of Directors, she expects a primary responsibility will be to spread the word. “Tell friends and family about the wonderful work SCAN is doing, and how they can help support children. Once you make people aware, that turns into more support for SCAN,” said Betsy.

Earlier this year, Betsy attended the 5th anniversary celebration of SCAN’s Circle Preschool. “I was able to talk with staff and those involved with the preschool who are working with these children every day,” said Betsy. “I was really able to see the magnitude of what the Circle Preschool does, and how this preschool can really change a child’s life and give them opportunities they may not have had.”

Betsy also attended the opening of SCAN’s satellite Henrico Child Advocacy Center in March. “Unraveling and dealing with an abuse case for an adult would be terrifying, but having to go through that as a child seems horribly traumatic,” said Betsy. “Amazingly, these agencies, organizations and law enforcement have come together and agreed on this process and these procedures to minimize the trauma on the child.”

In her role on the Board of Director’s Betsy was also able to see firsthand the responsibility and dedication of CASA Volunteer’s, and the importance of this program. “SCAN is an organization that continuously pulls together resources and knowledge to do the right things, and do it well,” said Betsy. “No matter what SCAN does, it is for the best interest of children in our community. I am excited to be a part of that.”


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